Live Podcast Profile: Kyle Gawley from Get Invited

We are excited to announce our next speaker at our Live Podcast next week! It's Kyle Gawley of Get Invited (and many other things, see below!)

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 16.19.24.png

Kyle is a location-independent entrepreneur who travels the world while working online and sipping coconuts on the beach in Thailand and Bali.

He's Co-founder of the online ticketing platform – Get Invited - where he also runs a new product launchpad programme called Get Started – which helps tech entrepreneurs to build and launch digital products.



Kyle recently published his first book The Lifestyle Startup, which challenges the traditional route of building venture-capital backed software companies and encourages entrepreneurs to build passion-focused businesses while living out their dream lifestyle.


We can't wait to get Kyle's perspective on creative businesses in NI!

Find out more about Kyle here