Live with TACA, Whitepot Studios & Kyle Gawley

We hosted our first live podcast at The Black Box Belfast one month ago and you can now listen to it here in two parts - Part 1 & Part 2.  We decided to interview 3 different types of companies - TACA - who work in film and photography, Kyle Gawley from Get Invited - who works in design and tech and Whitepot Studios - who make video and mobile games.  

We liked the fact that they were also 3 very different kinds of company - Simon and Lorna from TACA are a couple and are commissioned to work on various projects that are both local and international, Kyle has started working remotely with Get Invited - and has been travelling the world whilst setting up new ventures and Vicky and Adam recently made the switch-over to developing games and are based in Belfast

If you missed the live podcast, these are a few of key points we thought we'd highlight - there were a lot to pick from!

"I try to be human. Writing about the failures I've had in life and things that have gone wrong. Just being authentic." - Kyle Gawley

"The most important thing I would say is to do work that you really love. The job that got us the most work wasn't the best paid but got us the most coverage." - Lorna, TACA

"Don't be afraid to fail." - Vicky, Whitepot Studios

"Don't work for free or don't work for exposure but if there is something that you believe in or someone that you think would be good to work for, then you should do it." -Simon, TACA