Behind-the-scenes with Lines & Current

For our 6th episode, we interviewed Rebekah Johanson of minimal jewellery and accessories company Lines & Current.   Lines & Current are known for their beautiful clean lines and aesthetic but they also have a social side to their company - they donate 10% of their profits to worthy causes all around the world. The company is run by both Rebekah and her husband Jon.  Jon manages business strategy and commerce whilst Rebekah works on product design and brand.  We asked Rebekah to tell us her best tips on how to find your Instagram style - and then maintain it too! We also chatted about work-life balance which can be a real struggle if you're an entrepreneur and are also raising a family - Rebekah's so chilled, we wanted to know her secrets! 

Episode 6 with Lines & Current will land very soon but in the meantime, check out these photos from the new Lines & Current studio at Portview Trade Centre in East Belfast as well as some episode quotes.


On why L&C picked Instagram as their main social media channel - "You can be quite creative with your voice on Instagram."

On brand values and culture - "We have an inbuilt culture value - and it's to give our customers more than just a transaction."

On working in business as a couple and boundaries - "Our work life is a really exciting topic - it's a wonderful theme, it's really fun!"

On how to de-stress and maintain your health - "On most days at some point (even though it seems like the opposite thing that I want to do!) is I move in some way... something counter-intuitive, 20 minutes, so amazing."

You can check out Lines & Current here