An interview with Esther Namokobe Mogada

Listen now to our interview with Esther:


In this episode we speak with Esther Namokobe Mogada of Creating A Space and the Éalú Podcast and discuss what it's like being a multidisciplinary artist.

We discuss the many, many projects Esther works on - from fashion, music, events, podcasts and beyond.

We ask Esther about her experience setting up ventures as a young creative in Northern Ireland as well as her diverse roots and how they inform her creative output, and we discuss the importance of work-life balance as an entrepreneur and what Esther does to achieve this.

Esther’s work encompasses so many different areas that we wanted to share some images she and her colleagues have taken at the various events and interactive projects they have worked on.

Find out more about Esther and her projects here.

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