Episode Preview: Aislínn Clarke

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I have a survivor instinct that isn’t about material survival, it’s more about personal happiness… I have this instinct. No matter how bad things get, everything’s okay as long as you’re happy and fulfilled in what you’re doing

Living in the serene seaside town of Whitehead, north of Carrickfergus, Aislínn Clarke is perhaps best known locally as one of the founders of Wireless Mystery Theatre, assembling a troupe of multi-talented actors and musicians to perform theatrical versions of old radio plays. But this is just one of Aislinn’s many creative endeavours, and over the past few years she has been making a name for herself on the international stage as a writer and director of film. With her acclaimed horror short Childer still touring film festivals around the world, her debut feature film The Devil’s Doorway is due to be released in 2018.

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Trailer for Childer - a short film by Aislinn Clarke, supported by The BFI and Northern Ireland Screen, and produced by Causeway Pictures. 

The video for musician Alana Henderson's recent single Let This Remain, directed by Aislínn.

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